Some Ithaca schools will not have Halloween celebrations. Do you think that's a good idea?

The Ithaca City School District is letting individual schools decide whether to hold Halloween celebrations, and some schools have decided not to.

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services Lesli Myers says Beverly J. Martin and Belle Sherman schools have not had in-school Halloween celebrations for years.

This year, South Hill and Northeast elementary schools will also not have in-school Halloween celebrations, choosing to hold Halloween events after school hours, so families who want to participate can, and families who don't believe in celebrating Halloween don't have to.

"It was starting not to be inclusive of the students who were in attendance," says Myers. "As you know, the Ithaca City School District is a diverse, diverse district, not only along racial and ethnic lines, but also religious background and practices."

Myers says several other schools in the district will continue to have Halloween celebrations.

Also, South Hill will have a Halloween Extravaganza on October 28th after school. Northeast Elementary will have a harvest fest on November 3rd, so students can celebrate all their fall traditions.

Do you think schools should have in-school Halloween celebrations or hold them after school? Post your comments below.