Some New Yorkers say they'll actually shop on Thanksgiving, others will browse behind their keyboards

A Siena poll showing holiday shopping habits says the amount of Cyber Monday shoppers in New York will increase.


new study is revealing the holiday habits of New Yorkers, and the results might surprise you.

When it comes to holiday shopping, a Siena Research poll says just over half of New Yorkers will spend over $500 on gifts, a small decrease from last year. Less than a third will spend under $300 on gifts this holiday season, a slight increase. But compared to 2012, things look about the same.

And even though nearly two-thirds of New Yorkers say stores should be closed on Thanksgiving, one in ten say they'll actually be going out to shop.

With Black Friday deals creeping earlier and earlier into Thursday, 34 percent of consumers say they'll shop online a few days later on Cyber Monday, when the best holiday deals are supposed to hit online retailers.

Thirty-eight percent of people say they'll take part in the latest holiday shopping day to be informally named. The Saturday after Thanksgiving celebrates small, local businesses as part of Small Business Saturday. But even with all of the "deals," a majority of people say they'll be buying practical gifts this year, focusing on needs rather than wants.

Just under a third of consumers say they'll actually buy a gift for themselves this holiday season as well.

When it comes to the food, over a third of New Yorkers voted turkey their favorite Thanksgiving dish. But no matter what food it is, twenty-four percent expect to gain weight this holiday season.

"While gift giving and spending may not increase or decline much this year, New Yorkers are more excited about the upcoming holiday season than they have been over that last five years," said Don Levy of the Siena Research Institute. "All in all, New Yorkers are looking forward to the holiday season. They plan on eating their favorite foods, spending but spending wisely and within their limits, and perhaps loosening up the belt a notch as New Year's Day approaches."