Some Oneida residents still homeless after devastating floods

Sections of Oneida are still under water.

Neighbors in Oneida are still dealing with the fallout of the flooding disaster that swept through the area Friday. Many were left homeless, and as flood waters have recede residents can still only see their homes and belongings from a distance, as several roads are still closed while the water level drops back to normal.

People are stranded, with entire neighborhoods underwater, which is leaving them little to do but wait and hope.

David Gann owns a home in one of the areas still under water. He said his utilities have been shut off, and he has no idea when heâ??ll be able to start picking up the pieces. â??My whole life is in the house. If we canâ??t go back for a month, I donâ??t know what Iâ??m going to do.â??

Still other residents said the response from the community has been staggering, as they have all come together in this difficult time. â??The community has rallied together so fast and so tight. You canâ??t walk down the street right now without someone asking you if youâ??ve been affected,â?? said Chris Stafford.

It may be some time before the community can get back to any kind of normalcy, but with the camaraderie and help from neighboring communities, the residents of Oneida will have plenty of help along the way.