Some say America is better off than four years ago...others disagree

With both the Democratic and Republican conventions in the books, election season is heating up. That's causing Americans to not only look forward to what might happen over the next four years, but back four years as well.

Compared to four years ago, some people think that the US is in worse shape now, stemming from issues such as health care, gas prices and the catch-all subject...the economy.

"All the money's been given away," David Colvin, a Granby resident says. "Things haven't been done as promised, we just need somebody to get some action done, we need jobs here left in the country."

While some do agree with Colvin's sentiment, others say the economy has rebounded, and will continue to do so in the next four years.

"I think America is getting better," Frankie DeFrancesco, a North Syracuse resident, says. "I think everything is going to start being on the up and up,"

He believes that President Barack Obama is doing a good job, and will provide for that improvement, and others who believe that the US will grow, agree with him.

"I just believe he's an excellent leader and has a great view on the future on making our life safe, and making our children have a better future," Dorothy Fairbanks, a Syracuse resident, says.

With the cards now on the table, this election season will provide for an interesting look into what the future of America, and the next four years, will look like.