Son of murdered parents tries to keep killer in a mental institution

Bob Goerlich, of Marathon, talks with our Jim Kenyon about the murder of his parents in Florida.

A Cortland County man whose parents were murdered at their home in Florida seven years ago, is fighting to keep their killer locked in a mental institution.


Bob Goerlich lives a quiet life as the grounds superintendent at the Maple Hill Golf course near Marathon in Cortland County. He still mourns the loss of his parents who were shot and killed by a neighbor on April 6, 2006. "They were always supportive... had a lot of love." Goerlich told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon.


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, Ro

bert was a retired
lieutenant colonel in the Army. His mother, Shirley was a well known genealogist whose work in central New York was published.


hen the


moved to a retirement community in
Port Orange, Florida near Orlando, they befriended a neighbor, Linda Sue Anderson. They soon realized that Anderson was mentally ill and threatening. Bob Goerlich says that before his parents could move away, Anderson showed up at their door with a gun. "she came across the street after my parents returned home and shot them both."



says his father

was killed by a deflected bullet
that possibly passed through his mother's body. He says his mother was shot 6 times. After police cleared the crime scene, Goerlich flew to Florida and had to clean up a horrific scene. "When I finally got down there, my mom's stomach contents were shot all over the place... the floor, the carpet, the blinds, there's blood splattered."


Sue Anderson told police she thought the Goerlich's had poisoned her with mothball laced cookies. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity.


oerlich says authorities told him
Anderson would probably spend the rest of her life in a mental institution. He recently learned however that Anderson may be released into a community based halfway house. Now he says he will fight to keep a killer in confinement.



certainly don't want anybody to get hurt by this woman.
If anybody were to befriend her, I'm afraid they'd be in harms way."


ince his parents were murdered

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oerlich has lived a tough life.
He had been diagnosed with life threatening melanoma. Because he was needed in Florida to settle his parents estate, he lost his house in Cortland to foreclosure. Goerlich claims the bank's law firm refused to consider his hardship when he fell behind in his house payments.

He tries to cope as best he can. "I don't hold a grudge. I'm not bitter. I've mourned, I'm sad, hurt, upset but I have to survive because I have children. With my cancer I can't have tremendous stress hanging over my head." Goerlich said.

Goerlich says L

Anderson is slated to undergo a court hearing in Florida later this month about her pending release and he intends to testify in person, as a victim.