Song Mountain welcomes skiers and snowboarders with 'White Friday'

For the first time in 13 years of operating Song Mountain in Tully, Peter Harris says they were able to open before December. Harris says the recent snowfall and cold temperatures are to thank for the Black Friday opening.

After packing about two feet of artificial snow, the several inches of regular snow the mountain has seen make the ski conditions unusually good for this time of year.

â??It goes without saying that it will boost business,â?? Harris said. â??Opening about two weeks earlier than normal will help.â??

"This year we had a significant improvement to the snowmaking pumphouse, so we're pumping more water than ever which allows us to get more trails open faster than ever," says Harris.

Many skiers came out for White Friday, instead of going to the mall for Black Friday. They say thereâ??s nothing like getting outdoors this early for a sport they all love.

Megan Savage was one of the skiers out on the slopes. "Yesterday we just went online to see, my dad says well I think they're gonna be open so we checked it out and it said they were. We got up early and got going," says Savage.

Robert Sloan was inspecting one of the other slopes today to make sure it is good to open. "The lift it gets all the bugs out, everybody gets their equipment out and gets the rust off the edges of their skiis and gets feeling good again about being out in the winter to get all the equipment ready, so this kind of opening is good for us," says Sloan.

Song Mountain only opened one slope today, but additional slopes could open as early as this weekend.