Sound Garden may stay open - compromise reached to amend secondhand dealer law

It now appears the Sound Garden may stay open in downtown Syracuse.

Mayor Stephanie Miner announced details of a deal to amend

Syracuse's secondhand dealer law

at a news conference at the Sound Garden. The city plans to exempt games, videos and music from a variety of provisions of the city's secondhand dealer law while still maintaining recordkeeping prices for Syracuse Police.

"This new agreement addresses our key interests of keeping records of secondhand merchandise being acquired for resale to prevent theft," said Mayor Miner. "This agreement will allow for dealers to acquire their products and preserve their business model. This is a compromise that benefits both dealers and the police and most importantly supports a business in Downtown Syracuse."

We spoke with the owner of The Sound Garden after the Mayorâ??s announcement. Bryan Burkert says he plans to speak with his lawyer, who will review the exemption before they make a final decision. Burkert says he is optimistic his store will remain open in Armory Square.

City leaders have been talking to the owner of the Armory Square store for the last several days. Earlier in the day, Common Councilors Van Robinson and Jake Barrett told CNY Central they were confident a compromise could be reached to keep the store open in Syracuse.

Following a Common Council meeting earlier this week, the owner of the store said he planned to go month to month on his lease and move out of the city.

The new regulation would require secondhand dealers to log items with the police and wait seven days before reselling them. Sound Garden, which sells used CD's and DVD's, said following the law will be so costly it could force them to close down.

The amended legislation will allow for secondhand dealers who purchase more than five articles at a time to keep a summary of acquisitions rather than log each individual item. Additionally, secondhand dealers will be exempted from a seven day waiting period for resale of their merchandise. Furthermore, it allows secondhand dealers to be open until 10:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

"I think this is a great victory for Downtown, the police, and the Sound Garden," said Common Councilor Khalid Bey, who helped craft the compromise legislation. "It's always great when we can come to a compromise where interested parties can receive equal satisfaction. I want to give thanks to the police, the Sound Garden, and the city administration for their focused and rapid response to bring this matter to a timely resolution. We look forward to many more years of the Sound Garden in Downtown."

The mayor says agreement was constructed in response from complaints from local secondhand dealers, most notably the Sound Garden, a long time staple of the Downtown Syracuse music community.