Sources say President Obama may visit Henninger High School on bus tour

President Barack Obama is planning to stop in Syracuse as part of a 2-day bus tour next week leaving many to speculate about where the president will visit.

The president is scheduled to be in Syracuse next Thursday or Friday, but the White House hasnâ??t yet announced the exact date, time or location of his visit.

A source, a City of Syracuse employee, tells CNY Central that Henninger High School is one of the sites being considered. This source is not associated with the mayorâ??s office.

Multiple other sources tell us that the current plan is for the president to visit Henninger High School.

Responding to our requests for comment, the White House, the Syracuse City School District, and Mayor Stephanie Minerâ??s office will not confirm the location of the presidentâ??s visit.

The president also plans to stop in Buffalo, Binghamton and northeastern Pennsylvania on his bus tour. During the stops, the president will lay out his plan for reducing college costs, according to the Associated Press.

The bus tour has already drawn attention after a MSNBC map illustrating the President's travels put Syracuse and other Upstate cities in the Adirondacks.