Southern Fried Chicken Donut debuts as new featured fried food at State Fair

Southern Fried Chicken Donut

If you love chicken and you're a fan of doughnuts, you're in luck at the New York State Fair this year.

The Southern Fried Chicken Donut is the new featured food at this year's State Fair. It will make its debut on opening day at Big Kahuna's restaurant. "It's a juicy, crispy chicken breast fillet, accented with chipotle mayonnaise and tangy pickles. It's all nestled between halves of a warm, sweet glazed doughnut," said Jeff Brick of Big Kahuna's. "We've taste-tested it and we like it even better than our Big Kahuna Donut Burger. I think of it as a twist on the southern snack, Chicken & Waffles."

The Donut Burger and Donut Bacon Dog will also be back on the menu at Big Kahuna's.

If you love deep-fried foods, you will find plenty of them at the fair. The list includes deep fried candy bars, deep fried alligator nuggets, fried green tomatoes and a deep fried veggie tray along with deep fried Oreos, corn dogs, ravioli, bloomin' onions, plantains, seafood and bologna sandwiches.

As always, you can find fried dough at stands throughout the fair. One vendor even offers deep fried bubble gum.