Speach Family Candy Shoppe reopens after flooding shut them down

The Shoppe re-opened today after 4 weeks of being closed


he Speach Family Candy Shoppe is open again after flood damage. In early January over 16 inches of snow started to melt from their roof and into the basement. Their basement is where the store is located. About one inch of slush was found all over the back area of the store, which lead to over twenty thousand dollars of damage to their inventory.

The water dripped down from their office which is the floor. The apartments which are above the shop were not harmed at all.

Michael Speach Jr. Is the fourth generation owner of his family's candy shop. He walked into his store after two days of being closed to find the damage which was done. "That's when I realized that half the ceiling tiles were basically down on the ground and soaking wet," said Speach. "we're still doing some ongoing repairs, but we are open. The store is open, we're taking orders (and) the website is working, so we're basically getting ready for Valentine's Day."

Alexis Edington is one of Michael's cousins and she works with him. She, like her cousin remembers that day in early January vividly. "I got a phone call from my cousin and he said Lex, there is a huge problem going on," says Edington. "We're still going to be here, we've been open for over 90 years and we'll still keep going."

Speach was very moved by all of the support that he has received from his family, friends and community. "It's good to know that community and our customers are very loyal and are excited for us just as much as we're excited."