Sports Director Niko Tamurian gets engaged

CNYCentral Sports Director Niko has been keeping a secret for a few weeks - so have some of his close friends, family members and colleagues.

He's known for a while that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Farah Jadran - but he was searching for the right time and place. When Niko and Farah were asked to model in the Ronald McDonald House Bella Casa charity fashion show, it clicked. That would be the right time and place.

Niko and Farah were the last of the models to take the runway Thursday evening at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool and after they showed off their clothing, Niko got down on one knee and asked if Farah would be his wife. The crowd went wild. Niko joined the CNY Central team in 2007. Farah Jadran is the Managing Editor at Syracuse Woman Magazine. The entire CNYCentral family wishes Niko and Farah a wonderful, happy life together - they both deserve it.

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