Spreading the word on EEE

There's a new educational video on EEE, and new state funding to get a vaccine against the mosquito-borne illness

The family of EEE victim Maggie Wilcox has made it a mission to spread awareness of the mosquito-borne disease that took the four year old Oswego County girl's life back in 2011.

Just completed, an educational video on Eastern Equine Encephalitis, produced by the Oswego County Health Department and SUNY Oswego. Maggie's aunt, Donna Wilcox, who's been a family spokesperson and is part of the video, says it's a major step.

Another big step: the state senate has passed legislation, sponsored by State Senator Patty Ritchie R-48th District) that helps fund a work group in the State Health Dept. to eliminate disease, including EEE.

As Donna Wilcox says, the family's goal now is to get a vaccine against encephalitis for humans.

You can see the video, on YouTube and you can also follow the Wilcox family campaign for mosquito disease awareness and prevention on their Facebook page