Spring Break outings for out of school students

Petting Siri the Elephant at Syracuse's Zoo could be a highlight for Spring Break

With most area students out of school for the week, parents are searching for 'field trips' for both entertainment and education.

Syracuse's Zoo was hugely popular on Monday (the nice weather, and the fact that veterans and immediate family members get in for free didn't hurt).

Petting Siri the Elephant (the zoo matriarch) was among the most popular stops, but watching the monkeys in their outside enclosure came a close second. There are events around the zoo every few minutes, from 10:30am to 3pm, and director Ted Fox says the schedule will be repeated all week. The zoo website has more details.

Another popular destination this week is the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse's Armory Square.

Among visitors there on Monday, a busload of vacationing students from Rome, on a trip sponsored by the Rome Art & Community Center. Executive Director Lauren Marie Getek told us 'we don't have anything like this in our area, so instead of being home watching tv & playing video games, they can actually experience these hands-on exhibits."

Among the exhibits getting lots of looks, but not so many hands-on tries, the arthropods and insects, including Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. We got lots of 'no!' comments when we offered to let some visitors hold Fred, one of the big cockroaches (they don't look like household pests!)...and finally got a taker or two.

---Other possibilities for the week include park programs, and area public libraries which offer free daily programs