St. Lucy's church bell silenced by '98 storm rings again

The remounted bell in front of St. Lucy's Church.

A Syracuse church's 127-year-old bell is ringing for the first time since it fell into the basement when the steeple collapsed during a violent storm 15 years ago.

The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports that the nearly two-ton brass bell has been mounted on a concrete platform next to the entrance to St. Lucy's Roman Catholic Church.

The bell plunged through two floors of the church and landed in the basement when a storm toppled the steeple on Labor Day 1998.

The bell wasn't damaged. It was kept in a courtyard next to the church while parishioners discussed where to put it. Since the steeple wasn't rebuilt, they decided to display it outside the church.

The bell was mounted Monday and the official bell-ringing ceremony will be held Sunday morning.