St. Mary's parish filing new motions in fight to save church

St. Mary's Church in Jamesville is still fighting to re-open the parish, 10 months after the Vatican's highest court granted an appeal in their favor.

As Christians observe their most holy week, parishioners of St. Mary's Church in Jamesville still cannot worship inside their church.

"My husband and I have 4 little kids and they are always asking why are we outside? So we're hoping just like them that we will all be able to go inside soon," said Laura Davies.

Now, it's filing new motions in Rome to put the Vatican's decision into action. Ten months ago, the church won it's appeal with the Vatican's highest court, which ruled the church needs to be maintained as a Catholic worship site.

Syracuse Diocese interprets the Vatican's decision differently and has kept the doors locked. In 2007, the Diocese closed St. Mary's as part of the reconfiguration of churches.

This church community argued it was always a thriving parish. Over the years, they continuously held Sunday services outside the church. They say their strength and religion never wavered.


's not a building we're fighting for it's a community
," said John Davies.
"We feel like we are moving in the right direction
. We are optimistic."

But this week, there was another bump in the road. The rectory, located just one building away from the church, is now up for auction.

"We were surprised. We think it's a little premature since our appeal process is still in motion
," said Laura Davies.
"We just want to work with Diocese and have this church open."

Saturday, they plan to hold a prayer service on the steps of the church, on Route 173 in Jamesville at 1 PM. A concert will follow shortly after at Jamesville Community Church at 2 PM. It will benefit the Save St. Mary's fund, which helps pay for the committee's mounting legal fees from the appeal process.

Parishioners say they'll continue to rely on their faith to guide them
and pray that the blessings of easter include a rebirth of St. Mary's.