St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Coleman's Irish Pub full of tradition

Line in front of Coleman's Irish Pub

Record low temperatures couldn't stop the annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Coleman's Irish Pub on Syracuse's Tipp Hill.

The celebrations officially started at seven o'clock in the morning with an Irish Breakfast but regulars started lining up hours earlier to get the best seats. Jim Beardsly's been coming to Coleman's St. Patrick's Day Celebration with his family for more than 30 years.

"It's turned into a family tradition for us my daughters loved it my son came and my grandaughter is with us right now and she's three," he says.

The downing of green beer is a tradition and Coleman's and so is the painting of the Shamrock out in front on Tompkins Street. Jack Davis says St. Patrick's Day is all about traditions and family. "It's all about traditions whether your Irish or not Irish you become Irish today. That's what happens in this environment which makes it a lot of fun," he says. Peter Coleman knows a thing or two about St. Patrick's Day. His family has been running the pub on Tipp Hill for generations. "I started out with the green beer so I could have a few extra drinks. Now it's turned into a monstrous wonderful party. It really has. It's a great neighborhood. A great neighborhood to build a pub in I'll tell you that," he says.