St. Patrick's Parade a sea of green and orange

The streets of downtown Syracuse were packed on Saturday, as the annual St. Patrick's Parade made its way down South Salina Street.

People showed off their green clothing and cheered as Fort Drum soldiers led the parade. Many said they look forward to this event every year.

"I like to watch all the fire trucks go by and all the floats," says Hunter Matthes.

"Some people throw out candy, and you get toys," says Serena Vriceno.

This year, many parade-goers had to get creative because the parade was held at the same time as when the SU Men's Basketball Team took on Kansas State in the NCAA tournament.

Joy Aukema put up a sign that said "Irish Tailgate Party," and she had a strategy.

"We didn't know what we were going to do, so we downloaded the March Madness app on the iPad, and we're streaming it live," says Aukema.

Just a few blocks away, Kitty Hoynes was filled with Orange basketball fans cheering on the team.

Michele Onoff was in the parade, and headed right over to the bar.


e just got off the float because we're in the first division, so we're number 19

," Onoff told us as she watched the game through the window

"Every single year, we do this, and we're usually here by quarter to one."

Many other fans watched the parade, while keeping an eye on their cell phones to cheer on their favorite team.