Stabbing inside Carrier Dome as Orange Madness event ends

Syracuse Police responding to the Carrier Dome after a stabbing during Orange Madness

Early this morning, SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Gross issued this statement:

"We were saddened to learn of the incident at the Dome last night. There is no place and no tolerance for anything like this, and future Orange Madness events will be designed to prevent incidents such as this. We are proud of the terrific partnership among Syracuse City Police, SU Department of Public Safety, and Carrier Dome security staff, and we are confident that their work will continue to maintain a safe and secure environment for our patrons who come to the Dome to enjoy the hard work and efforts of our student-athletes."

The statement, as Syracuse Police are investigating a stabbing that happened inside the Carrier Dome, as the Syracuse basketball event Orange Madness was ending Friday evening.

Syracuse police say the victim is a 25 year old man, and in serious but stable condition. The victim is not being cooperative. Investigators shut down the fan event early in the interest of public safety. Police spokesman Tom Connellan told CNYcentral, "This was a general admission event, we had upwards of 15,000 people and there is no reason to believe Syracuse students were involved."

Syracuse police stress the victim was not associated with Syracuse University. The person was not a student, and investigators do not believe the person who stabbed him is either.

The Carrier Dome stabbing is the highest profile crime yet as violence on the Syracuse University Hill becomes a troubling trend. Syracuse University recently issued a "public safety update" which advised students of an "uptick in crime near SU."