Stacey Castor case back in court

David Castor, Jr.

The notorious case of a Stacey Castor, the woman who murdered two husbands and poisoned her own daughter, is back in court in Onondaga County.

The son of Castor's second husband, David Castor, is suing a Baldwinsville couple as he tries to recover assets from his father's estate. After the death of David Castor Sr. in 2006, Stacey Castor convinced Lynn and Paul Pulaski to sign their names as witnesses to a false will. That forged will left an estimated $300,000 estate to Stacey Castor and was considered a prime motive for the murder of David Sr. by antifreeze poisoning.

Though the Pulaskis knowingly signed a backdated will, they were granted immunity from prosecution by District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick in exchange for their testimony against Stacey Castor.

Lynn Pulaski testified Friday that when she signed the will, she considered Stacey Castor her "best friend, like a sister." Pulaski claimed at the time, David Castor's death was ruled a suicide and Stacey had convinced her to witness the will because she needed to settle her late husband's debts. Pulaski said it wasn't until investigators contacted her that she realized Caster was a "monster." Pulaski pointed out however that she never benefited monetarily.

In a highly emotional moment, Lynn Pulaski read a letter to David Castor Jr. explaining how she was misled by Stacey Castor and apologizing for the harm she caused him. After her testimony, Castor Jr. told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that he believes Pulaski was "sincere" in her apology, but said the Pulaski's had other opportunities to correct the wrongs done to him. He also took issue with Pulaski's claim that David Castor had become estranged from his father and "came out of the woodwork" after his death. David Castor said he and his father had always had a relationship.

Castor is currently serving 51 years to life for the anti-freeze murder of David Castor and the poisoning of her daughter, Ashley Wallace in a failed attempt to blame her for the crimes.

Castor has not yet been prosecuted for the anti-freeze murder of her first husband, Michael Wallace in 2000. Judge Anthony Paris said he wrote to Castor, advising her of her right to attend the civil lawsuit, but she did not respond.