Stamps will nudge up one penny on Sunday

Stamps from the USPS will be one penny more come Monday.


he price of one stamp will be going up on Sunday. We have been used to them being forty-five cents, but now they're going to be one penny more. The reason that they are going up by only one penny has to do with the Consumer Price Index.

The postal service takes the average over the last twelve months and increase their prices by that amount. The index averaged at 2.75 percent, so that's why there is the one cent increase. Stamps are not the only thing increasing by one penny either. Postcards will be going up by one cent as well.

Marilyn Palmer from Liverpool doesn't think that these increases will make that much of a dent in her wallet. "Everything goes up, (but) the stamps I have no problem with, because they don't go up that much," says Palmer.

The post office is also debuting a new "forever" stamp. This version is called "forever international." These stamps will cost you $1.10 to send around the globe.

Natalie Dolan is the Albany District Customer Relation Coordinator. "One ounce to all countries and two ounces to Canada and it's forever, so when the rates change again that $1.10 stamp will still be good for anywhere in the world," said Dolan

All stamps bought since last year are now considered "forever" stamps for domestic mail. This increase will only make a small dent into the postal services financial woes as less mail is sent through the USPS. They are still waiting on Congress to take action on their future. This could include closing service on Saturday, or possibly even once during the week.