Start of revamped theatre district in Syracuse?

Up until this past weekend, dry cleaning has been a hassle for Chad Hayes who lives and works in Downtown Syracuse.

â??I was going to the dry cleaners either on Genesee Street or over on Erie Boulevard,â?? he said. â??The inconvenience of having to pack everything up into a car.â??

Now -- Chad only has to walk a few feet.

Swanson Dry Cleaners opened Saturday on Jefferson Street, right around the corner from the Landmark Theatre.

It's the only dry cleaner in Downtown Syracuse -- and already pulling in customers.

â??It's next door, it's perfect,â?? said Hayes.

â??I'm very pleased, now I can pick up and drop off dry cleaning on way to or from work,â?? said Michael Manfredi.

This is the first business to set up shop on the corner of Jefferson and Salina streets since the multi-million dollar renovation at the landmark theatre.

But there are still several empty store fronts here along Jefferson Street -- and there's no word on when any new businesses might move in.

Folks who live and work in Downtown Syracuse certainly have a wish list.

â??It'd be nice, I guess, to have another convenience shop,â?? said Manfredi.

â??A lot of polo (and) Gucci (stores),â?? said Anthony Morman, who lives in Downtown Syracuse.

â??I'd love to see Clark's Ale House come back because I've heard so many great things about it,â?? said Hayes. â??I'd love to see a flower shop or a gift shop.â??

So could this be the start of a new look theatre district?

The location is appealing.

Landmark Theatre is just a block from dozens of businesses, restaurants and bars in Armory Square filled with people, hungry for convenience.

What do you think about the open buildings near Landmark Theatre? What stores would you like to see move in?