State claims progress with city over I-81 closure

The latest word from Albany Tuesday evening is that there is "progress" in talks with the City of Syracuse over the closure of Interstate 81. State Transportation Department spokesperson Deborah Rausch says she "won't discuss the terms" but says the city and state are "working actively together."

Earlier in the day, Mayor Stephanie Miner claimed state "bureaurcrats" were not negotiating in good faith over responsibility for the costs and demolition of the crumbling building on North State Street which led to the closure of the highway. Miner claimed the state was not returning her calls.

The Mayor confirmed the state was offering to pay 70 percent of the costs but before the city would pick up the remaining 30 percent, Miner wanted to know what the entire bill would be. "70/30 of what? You want me to sign a blank check for the citizens of Syracuse? I can't do that... I won't accept an IOU from Albany." Miner told reporters.Click here for more coverage of this story.