State Education Commissioner talks about Common Core standards

Dr. John King

With school starting, State Education Commissioner Dr. John King visited Wellwood Middle School in Fayetteville to see what the kids are doing in one of the highest rated districts in Central New York.

The year King is seeing school districts across the State implement the Common Core standards.


Today, here in F




it's really a chance to see the great work they've been doing around professional development to support the new Common Core



he new standards which we have adopted along with 46 other states

," says King. "Well certainly what I saw today was lots of work on math problem solving which is an approach this district committed to some time ago and they've refined that with content standards drawn from the common core."

Corliss Kaiser is the superintendent at F-M. "Math has become far more complex that two plus two is four. Actually with the math program that we use we find that many students think about the problems in a different way, so we help them to come to an answer in a way that best fits their learning," says Kaiser.

Some parents like Dan Chakin in the district, say they feel this new approach to education across the State, is too much for their children once they get off the school bus and come home.

"I think the standards have put a lot of stress on children and teachers and administrators. I just watch my kids, especially my youngest and how hard she has to work to meet those standards and the kind of pressure she's under," says Chakin.

Despite these concerns, the State will continue to move forward with these changes as they say it helps them compete and prepare for jobs on a global level.