State Fair, Day 2 Summary

Trooper Jeff Cicora shows off 'Skunk,' a German Shepherd puppy that could become a State Police K-9. We met them as part of Law Enforcement Day at the State Fair

Day one, opening day, saw light attendance, just 41,923 fairgoers, but it's much more crowded on Friday as the weekend gets underway.

It was pie day, with judging at the Art and Home Center. Thirty entries for the judges to sample, with the blue ribbon going to a blueberry-grape pie. Second place was an orange-cranberry creation.

The first Friday of the Fair is traditionally Law Enforcement Day, with lots to see.

State Police always have a big presence, and on our Noon News, K9 handlers Jeff Cicora, Brian Runeill and Jesse Davis showed off their police dogs, or police dogs to be--Cicora was showing off 'Skunk' a German Shepherd puppy who's going into training to be like 'LeRoy' a two year old who's already on the force.

We also visited with Sassy, a bloodhound who's been tracking lost people and more for nine years.All are on exhibit at the State Police complex, near the Horticulture Building.

On a more sombre note, law enforcers from around the state joined with families of police who've fallen in the line of duty to dedicate bricks in their memory at the police memorial outside the Horticulture Building. Among those honored this year, Michael Cipporini, the Webster Police officer who was killed at that Christmas Eve shootout.