State Fair Fun: What's your favorite food?

The Great New York State Fair has always been synonomous great food.

This year is no different.

Vendors upon vendors are lined up throughout the Fairgrounds, giving everyone a wide range of food choices.

"The food is just great, you can get any kind of food you want," said John Ryan, Pennsylvania, "There's all kinds of ethnic foods and really anything you want--and the prices are good."

"You have everything from sausage, to seafood, to Chinese," said Patrick Beaver, Jr., Baldwinsville, "Every type of country you can imagine, it's fantastic."

With so many choices, it might be best to have a gameplan. This is a helpful tool to find food and navigate the Fair and find the food you love, or maybe just want to try.

We want to know about your food experiences at the Fair. Leave us a comment below telling us your favorite or craziest food you've had at the fair.