State Fair medical staff ready for anything

With tens of thousands of people coming out to the Great New York State Fair, it can grow to the size of a small city.

SUNY Upstate has an infirmary located behind the Horticulture Building, which can treat anything from a bloody nose to a stroke. If necessary, a patient can be sent to SUNY Upstate's downtown Syracuse hospital.

With one doctor staffed around the clock, officials say they're more than able to give medical treatment to anyone at the fair.

Rural Metro also has free ambulances on standby 24/7, and there are two people on bikes roaming the fair to keep an eye on things.


arla Gray and Kathy Lovejoy saw one of their friends fall over and hit their head on the ground this morning at the fair.

Rural Metro works alongside the State Police and the Upstate Medical Infirmary to field these 911 calls which come in on the fairgrounds.

"It happened and there they were, people and bikes and a couple of carts and the ambulance was there within a matter of minutes," says Lovejoy. "They were great, I didn't expect it to be so fast and so thorough, I was thinking... Ahh we're gonna go to a first aid shack. They're amazing and fast."


I just think that it's great that there's people here who are willing to come as soon as you call

," says Gray. "A bunch of people around us just yelled for medical, and they just came. They were there within seconds to help."

Their friend was helped to Community Hospital to receive a CT scan.