State Fair: No advantage to waiting in line for concert tickets

The New York State Fair is responding to even more complaints about its new online ticket service, E-tix.

CNYcentral reported on Saturday that many people standing in line at the Fair box office for tickets to the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival were upset, saying slow computers caused them to miss out on the better seats because the tickets were also available online. A similar situation happened last month when tickets to the Jason Aldean and Keith Urban Grandstand concerts went on sale.

Some hard core music fans like Ben Dorion were willing to camp out at the State Fairgrounds on Friday night to be first in line for tickets to next month's Uproar Concert at the State fair Grandstand. When the Box Office windows opened at 9:00am so did the E-tix website. In just a few minutes, e-tickets sold quickly and Dorion was only able to get eighth row seats.

"I slept on a bridge for about two hours last night. It must have been nice to sleep in and get your tickets front row. Whoever got front row got a great deal. It was nobody here," said Dorian on Saturday morning.

On Monday, State Fair Director Dan O'Hara acknowledged there was some confusion on the issue. O'Hara said he wanted people to know that there was no need to camp out at the fairgrounds to get the first opportunity to buy tickets. People at home on the E-Tix website had the exact same chance the first people in line had.

"There really is no advantage. I think that's something of a misunderstanding. People think if they wait in line, there's better tickets. There really aren't better tickets. You're competing against those people sitting at home," said O'Hara.

Some concert goers have asked the fairgrounds to give in-person sales a half hour exclusive window to buy tickets. O'Hara says that's not an option right now.

"We open the box office at 9:00 o'clock and tickets go live and everybody has the ability to purchase the same tickets," said O'Hara."It's a race against time quite frankly. Whoever is quicker on the computer."

Many fans say next time they will go on-line instead of standing in line. Steve Felber waited in line eight hours on Friday night but said he will probably stay at home next time.

"The old days of stand in line and camp out for your favorite shows are basically over with the internet now," said Felber.

O'Hara said more bandwidth was added to the State Fair website but recommended fans buy tickets directly from the E-Tix website.

The concerts, scheduled for the New York State Fair Grandstand, Saturday, August 25th at 2 pm, will feature artists including Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach and Adelitas Way.