State Fair planning on bringing back Dollar Day next year, looking at other promotions

In 36 years running a food stand at the New York State Fair, John Emmi has seen plenty of ups and downs but he says Labor Day was his best day ever on the fairgrounds. Emmi sold out of everything he had and had to go out for more supplies.

"I ran over to Walmart and bought every hot dog roll they had and I bought every hamburger they had but I had to sell quarter pounders for two dollars. I was losing money on them but at least people were happy to get them," said Emmi.

Monday was the first ever "Dollar Day" in fair history. Admission, rides and some food items were one dollar. Acting fair director Troy Waffner says the record setting crowd on Monday shows change can be good.

"I think you will see dollar day again and when we sit down with wade and look at their numbers and our numbers for the soft spots in the fair, maybe we'll do a two for Tuesday, five after five or bring a friend Friday - anything that rhymes," joked Waffner.

Final numbers are still being tallied, but Wade Shows says numbers from the all you can ride midway wristbands at their first fair exceeded all expectations. Ron Weber from Wade says the company is already considering adjustments to the set-up for next year's fair based on crowd traffic they noticed.

"Pretty sure we had a record ride year. Yesterday we rode 150,000 people at a dollar. That doesn't include the wristband riders or anything else - that's just the dollar riders," said Weber.

Michael Kramer's blooming onion stand was busy for all twelve days of the fair and he had nothing but praise for the fair's willingness to grow and adapt.

"I'd like to be back for the next twenty years," said Kramer.