State Fair rest rooms will be under new management

They are the place to go when you've got to go. T

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rest room on the fairgrounds. When they're run properly, they're always open, well supplied and clean. This year the State Fair will contract with a Syracuse based company to manage the rest rooms.


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were staffed by attendants day and night

who made sure they had supplies and were clean.
They would also accept tips. In 2011 the Fair decided to do away with the attendants and hired a company out of Utica to manage them for $160,000. Fairgoers however inundated the administration with complaints about cleanliness or a lack of toilet supplies.


fter that experience

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air officials assured everyone that the rest rooms would be a


This year, the contract for the 12 day run of the fair was put out to bid. Baines Property Management was the low bidder at just $17,000.


Baines told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, the reason he was able to submit such a low bid was because the fair will absorb the bulk of the costs. He says the State Fair will pay the salaries of the 150 attendants he is hiring, and will also purchase the supplies. Baines says he will manage the contract. He says he's hired four supervisors and will supply the cleaning equipment like powerwashers.


aines says he's confident fairgoers will be satisfied with the way the rest rooms are maintained.

"We're going to do it right and clear up the problems of past years." Baines says.

Baines says he will rehire the attendants, many of whom have worked at the fair for more than 10 years. He says they will not accept tips. Baines is also having t-shirts and hats made up for them as a type of uniform.

"This is a great opportunity for our company." he says.


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