State Fair Summary Day 8

Day 8 saw lots of fairgoers wearing flower corsages, and expect the same on Friday. The gladiola show is on, in the Horticulture Building, and in addition to looking at hundreds of prize-winning entries you can get a gladiola corsage. You can even pick the color of the flower.

And, if you're at the Fair on Friday night, you can get flowers as they take down the display, around 9 - 9:30pm.

You can also check out parakeets and lorikeets, a new attraction at the petting zoo behind the horticulture building. You can go into their enclosure, and coax them to come to you with bird food sticks you can purchase.

Thursday was also Veterans Day at the Fair, with recognition ceremonies at the memorial in front of the Horticuture Building.

And, there's music all over the Fair, with the concerts the headliners, but check out The Procrastinators, a trio of drummers that plays plastic water bottles set in stools, with metal pans attached. Their music and their moves are fun to watch--they were our 'show closers' on our Noon news update this Thursday at The Fair.