State funded 'Eat to Live Food Co-Op' closes two months after opening

'Eat to Live Food Co-Op' closes two months after big grand opening.

A South Side food co-op which opened to large fanfare in October, closed its doors two months later. The Eat to Live Co-Op located at 2323 South Salina Street, posted a sign in late December that reads "Closed for the holidays. Come back and see us in the new year." It opened on October 15, 2013.

Niqia Kent is the former Vice President of the Co-Op board. In a letter she posted to the Co-Op website, Kent says the store was bringing in $100 a day during its brief opening. The expectation was they would bring in more than $1,300 a day.

"I don't think we were in a position to open it up to the public but I think some grant requirements made it so that was the deadline," says Kent.

Kent says the business plan that determined the Co-Op could bring in that amount of revenue was conducted by the Southside Community Coalition.

The Southside Community Coalition led the effort to build the Co-Op and secured more than $800,000 in grants from several sources, including the state and the Central New York Community Foundation to pay for the work.


n response to the closure, the foundation said "


e have been made aware of the transition underway at the Co-Op and will continue to monitor its progress."

CNYCentral's Dora Scheidell had an interview scheduled Thursday with the leader of the Southside Community Coalition, Shirley Rowser, but she canceled.

When Scheidell asked Mayor Miner to do an interview her office responded saying she's following the issue, but doesn't want to comment.