State investigates Oswego Ambulance Corps

The New York State Health Department is now investigating four alleged cases of wrongdoing by the Oswego Fire Department's Ambulance Corps.

The state has been investigating a complaint that Oswego paramedics refused to transport a woman to the hospital, in violation of the state public health law. The woman, who ultimately called Menter Ambulance, was reportedly unconscious by the time help arrived last Wednesday. Article 30 of the state's public health law says ambulance services are not to refuse service to a patient.

Health Department spokesman Jeffrey Hammond confirms there are now four alleged incidents where paramedics may have refused to transport patients.

Sources say the incidents include the previously mentioned, as well as:

- A woman whose colostomy tube needed emergency medical attention

- An Oswego police officer, who was forced to take a bleeding man to the hospital in his patrol car

- An ambulance crew who refused to transport an elderly woman to the hospital

Action News, and the State Health Department, continue to investigate the story and involved incidents.

The Oswego Fire Department tells Action News that they will not comment while the investigation is ongoing.