State of emergency out west " Wait & see here in the east

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You might think that nearly 6 feet of lake effect snow in Syracuse is tough in a 2 week period. How about 15 to 17 feet of heavy, wet storm snow and up to 26 inches of rain in 7 days? Yeah, that TMs much worse. But, that TMs exactly what the western portion of the country has seen and it continues. A series of strong storms have smashed into California and points east into Nevada, Colorado and Arizona over the past week. It has caused numerous reports of flooding and people being rescued from vehicles. In fact, Governor Arnold Schwarzengger has declared a state of emergency for 5 counties of California due to the severe weather. You must check out this incredible video from Littlefield, Arizona of home getting washed away down a river. It shows the power of mother nature firsthand. All streets in downtown Laguna Beach, California have been closed until further notice due to extensive flooding and mudslides. You can watch a live news stream of Laguna Beach here. Reports of flooding are also coming in northwestern sections of Las Vegas, Nevada. More rain and elevation snow will exacerbate the situation through this evening before this current storm exits California tonight and eventually Nevada and Arizona by sunset Thursday. What TMs next for this storm? This is part of the same system which will threaten the southern United States and potentially the east coast late this weekend and into early next week.

I have been mentioning this possibility of an east coast storm for the weekend for many days. However, I have also been telling you that forecasting something 7 days and thousands of miles away will require patience and understanding that the forecast will likely change. So far, there have been some subtle shifts in the forecast. More likely than not, we will continue to need to massage the forecast further in the coming days. Here TMs why:

An east coast snow storm for late in the holiday weekend remains a difficult forecast due to many reasons. Even as of midday Wednesday, the main piece of atmospheric energy is still west of California, roughly 3000 miles away. As this storm moves east across the Rockies and into the Midwest and southeastern United States through Friday and Saturday, a second piece of Canadian atmospheric energy that is currently near the Arctic Circle (thousands of miles away) will merge with it and cause a new storm to energize somewhere off the eastern coast of the United States. Just how this process occurs is still debatable. Since the main players to create the next nor TMeaster are still thousands of miles away and located where there is a lack of weather data has already caused computer models to change how the storm is moving. In fact, the storm has already been delayed about 24 hours since we first started discussing this storm Monday. Even though, latest indications are for the storm to miss central New York, it will be close enough that some sections of the United States (especially south and also east of New York state) will be affected somewhat by this storm. The exact timing, structure, strength and path of this storm will eventually determine how much, if any snow, central New York will receive later Sunday and into Monday. The best advice I would give you is to stay tuned on-air and online for our latest forecasts to see what is happening with our forecast.

Do you have any relatives or friends that are being affected by this western storm? Tell us with comments at the bottom of this web story and with pictures by sharing them at MyCNYcentral. We will be able to show them on air and online.

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