State of emergency reissued in Madison County

Reservoir Road, near Morrisville, just one of many Madison County Roads damaged by rains. A state of emergency is in effect county-wide because of roadway safety concerns.

A state of emergency is back in effect for Madison County, due to continued road and infrastructure damage because of flooding. Several communities have had road damages, due to the heavy rains. In Eaton, west of Morrisville and south of Route 20, the area along Reservoir, Gulch and Williams Corners Roads was especially hard-hit by Friday's heavy rainstorm, with shoulders and roadways washed away. Neighbors in the area also told us their driveways were eroded by the heavy rains. In DeRuyter, which had declared its own town state of emergency, they're waiting for state inspectors to check roads and bridges for safety. Among the town roads closed to traffic" Carey Road, Fairbanks Road, Muller Hill Road, Chapman Road and Arnold RoadOld Route 13, the Town Road, is closed because of concerns about the bridge. The State of Emergency is also because of infrastructure issues, after the severe flooding.Caution is urged traveling through out Madison County until further notice.
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