State of the City: Who is that woman?

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney

One of the light moments from Mayor Stephanie Miner's State of the City came at the beginning as she was thanking Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney for being in the audience. Miner went off her scripted remarks to tell a story about when she was at the movies recently with her husband Jack. Miner could hear the women behind her in line talking, and she knew they were talking about her. One of the women tapped her on the shoulder and told the mayor, "We know you, we know who you are!" Before the mayor could get out a reply to the women, they exclaimed, "You are Joanie Mahoney." The Mayor, who didn't skip a beat, said "No, I'm the other one!"

Mayor Miner joked with the audience that she has always wanted to be "tall, thin and blonde" and she's thrilled to be confused with someone who is all three. Although they are both members of opposite political parties, Miner and Mahoney have a good working relationship dating back to their days serving on the Syracuse Common Council together.

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