State police seize $5 million in heroin in the Bronx

Rosa Vasquez

Two members of a major drug trafficking operation are under arrest after state police seized millions of dollars worth of heroin in the Bronx. Rosa Vasquez and Carmen Garcia were arrested Thursday morning.

Troopers say this is the result of a long-term investigation. Agents had set up surveillance at a suspected heroin packaging location near Creston Avenue and 180th Street. They saw Garcia arrive at that location. According to troopers, agents saw Garcia get out of her car and get into a parked van. That's when Vasquez approached the van with a black duffle bag and got in the backseat.

Troopers say the agents followed Garcia for about 10 minutes as she drove in an erratic manor. Agents say they saw Vasquez in the backseat, motioning towards the cargo area. Garcia eventually pulled the van into a garage at 1752 Morris Avenue in the Bronx and both women got out of the vehicle. According to troopers, agents immediately stopped them and approached the van, grabbing the keys, which were still in the ignition.

Agents found four shrink-wrapped bricks in the duffle bag. Each brick contained approximately 25,000 street-ready glassine envelopes of heroin. There was a hidden compartment in the van where agents found 15 additional shrink-wrapped bricks and one large kilogram of raw heroin.

Troopers say the 19 bricks of heroin altogether contained 475,000 glassines with a street value of $4,750,000. The uncut kilogram of heroin would have sold for at least $250,000 once it was processed and ready for distribution, according to state police.

More than $5,000 in cash was seized from the home Garcia and Vasquez share at 1055 Boston Road. They both face charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance.