State police show off safety vehicle

NYS Police issuing tickets.

After the National Highway Traffic Administration said texting behind the wheel has become an epidemic, New York State police purchased several hundred safety vehicles to increase their vantage point on driver using their cell phones.

CNYcentral's Alex Resila was able to get a behind the scenes look at one of these SUV's, by watching the distinct difference on how officers are able to see into other vehicles.

Tickets for using a cell phone have increased 365% since last summer.

State Police hope increased surveillance along with large signs warning drivers of the consequences, will start changing the culture of text messaging behind the wheel.

Jack Keller is the spokesman for the State Police. "


he true message and motto for this campaign is it can wait. There is no text message, no email that is important enough to lose your life over," says Keller. "Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's we had the same type of driver behavior in regards to seat belts and also DWI. I think through the changing through driving habits for most drivers and that's through strict enforcement which we're using, we're gonna see that pattern change."

Cathy Newman is one concerned driver about the future of texting while driving. "T

he people that are texting and driving I don't think anything


s going to stop them. Maybe if they get a couple points and they have to pay the fine that might stop, but otherwise I don't think so

," says Newman.

Many drivers feel that a license will need to be revoked for some drivers before the message gets into their head.