State senator urges voters to approve casino deal

Millions in extra revenue could end up in the pockets of local governments if voters approve the state casino revenue


sharing deal.

State Senator David Valesky is urging voters to vote for the deal in two weeks, saying it could benefit local governments and schools.

He says New Yorkers spend over a billion dollars in other state and Canada at casinos.

The deal could bring $44 million a year to Central New York governments and schools.

This includes $9.4 million for Onondaga County and $3.2 million for Syracuse.

Senator Valesky said, "So why would we not want to do everything that we can to make sure those dollars are spent in our state to create jobs, to provide property tax relief, and to support our schools."

The towns of Vernon and Verona filed a lawsuit against the state last month over the casino deal. They say a land trust could take away taxable property.

The vote is on November 5th.