Staying safe while behind the wheel

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- All this weekend at the Onenter, it's the annual Syracuse Auto Expo.

All types of vehicles are showcased from the modest sedans to luxury sports car, and many are equipped with new technology designed to stop accidents before they happen.

For one local family, safety is the number one priority when buying a car and second is space.

"We play golf, so we have to have two bags of golf clubs, so you have to make sure it fits. You have to have priorities," the Gannons said.

At the Syracuse Auto Expo you can find cars that range from sporty and colorful to safe and durable for the whole family.

"I like the alert system, when it beeps it warns you that someone is in front of you or on the side of you," Deborah Gannon explained.

What she's talking about is a feature called "lane keep assist" that will beep if you go out of the lane your driving in.

You can also find something called the "hud" or the "heads up display," meaning it projects a hologram on the front glass of your car. In other words, the hologram is showing you the vehicles speedometer, the radio and navigation system directly in front of you to avoid taking your eyes off the road.

Along with self parallel parking cars with just a push of a button, there's also an automatic emergency braking.

The Hyundai product specialist explained how this works: "Which can detect a vehicle or even a person, that has pedestrian detection, in front of vehicle and it will immediately to stop the vehicle for you before you get your foot to the break pedal."

Another high tech safety feature is that you can actually plug in your smart phone and it displays your messages on the screen, and if you click on the screen, it can actually read those messages for you.

However, these new technologies have the Gannons excited for the future, but also concerned about the price they'll have to pay.

"I'm a little nervous with some of this technology, if it goes bad am is it going to cost us way a lot to fix it?," the Gannons said expressing concern.

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