Stolen vehicle crashed in Manlius, police looking for occupants

Police are looking for a driver and passenger they believe crashed a stolen vehicle in Manlius.

Manlius Police say they are investigating an accident that happened in the 4500 block of Pompey Center Road.

Police say a white vehicle traveling south on Enders Road, at the intersection of Pompey Center Road, drove down an embankment.

When police arrived at the scene, they say they were unable to find anyone who had been in the car. They later determined the car was stolen.

A witness told the police that up to 4 other vehicles had stopped to talk with the driver and passenger after the crash.

Manlius Police are asking anyone who may have stopped at the accident or may have had contact with the driver or passenger to call the Town of Manlius Police Department at (315) 682-2212 or anonymously at (315) 682-TMPD or by e-mail can to