Store cashier arrested in Fulton Seven Eleven robbery

A store cashier and two other men are under arrest for the $400 robbery at Fulton's West Broadway Seven Eleven last Saturday morning

Fulton Police have arrested the cashier who called in last Saturday morning's robbery a West Broadway convenience store, along with two men who they say actually committed the crime.

Last Saturday morning (May 17) cashier Phillip Whitney, 29 called to report that two masked men had robbed the 201 West Broadway Seven Eleven where he was working.

Now, Fulton Police are charging Whitney, from West Broadway, with falsely reporting an incident.

In addition, 21 year old Andrew Jones, and 22 year old Daniel Craig, both from West Third Street, along with Whitney, are charged with conspiracy and petit larceny.

Fulton Police say $400 was taken in the 4:30am robbery.