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      Store mistake leads to New York man hitting $10M jackpot

      A convenience store clerk's mistake has paid off in a big way for a western New York man.

      Fifty-three-year-old Jerry Kajfasz of Lancaster won $10 million jackpot from a $20 scratch-off ticket he purchased last month at a suburban Buffalo store.

      He tells local media outlets that he bought seven scratch-off tickets but the clerk nearly handed him an eighth one costing $20. Kajfasz caught the mistake and handed it back.

      After winning a total of $25 from the tickets, he went back inside the store and used the winnings to buy the same $20 scratch-off ticket the clerk had almost given to him by mistake.

      That Win for Life Spectacular ticket wound up being a winner with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $10 million.

      Kajfasz has already quit his printing job.