Stores are seeing shoppers line up even in the snow

Checking out at the Speach Family Candy Shoppe


ith the snow falling in Syracuse, shoppers are still hitting the stores.

Shirley Wray has been coming out to Speach Candy Shoppe for a decade. 'Well first of all the road conditions would never worry me, because I was born and brought up and spent years in Montreal, so this is nothing, Canada. I'm used to this," says Wray.

For some, the snow only adds to the excitement of shopping at locally owned stores, like the Speach Family Candy Shoppe in Syracuse.

Laurie Pelkey made the trip down to get one of her family members a Christmas present. "It's actually a chocolate covered potato chip, but in the shape of a personal pizza, and he's from up north so they don't have anything like this from where he's from in Roses Point," says Pelkey.

They've seen dozens of customers all day coming to buy all their homemade chocolate creations almost faster than they can make them.

Alexis Eddington makes some of the candy you can buy off of their shelves. 'We cannot keep our chocolate covered potato chips on the shelves, we actually ran out yesterday. We had to re-stock, we had to re-stock 4 times since the beginning of December," says Eddington.

Michael Speach Jr. owns the fourth generation candy store. "A lot of our customers are very loyal. We've kind of become a tradition in their own families and gatherings and stuff. Most people have specific things they're looking for and they come regardless of what the weather's like," says Speach.

Despite initial concerns the snow could keep shoppers away. Businesses here at Destiny USA are also seeing lines of people check out as they look to pick up a Christmas present.

Abby Grovin works at Syracuse Gift Company and has seen hundreds of shoppers coming into her store. "Today it's been pretty slamming busy, it's been crazy here at the mall, parking's crazy. Lot of nice customers, everyone's got the Christmas spirit," says Grovin.

It's fearless shoppers who are keeping the mall buzzing as the snow continues falling.

Ronnie Tyler is one of the shoppers at Destiny USA. "Took me a while to brush off my car, you know, there's a lot of snow. The roads are pretty slippery, but still came out absolutely," says Tyler.