Stores see increased sales

A car is put up on a lift to have it's tires switched out


he snow has fallen and there is a lot of cleaning up to be done. Not only is cleaning up your driveway a concern, safety in your car is as well.

Many residents went to Home Depot this morning to find a shovel or two, or maybe a snow blower to help them dig out. The only issue with that plan, was that it was out of shovels.

Assistant manager Ray Mulno says, "We had a good rush of people coming in, with all the snow it happens every year. People come in the first snow storm, salt, snow shovels, went right out the door."

However, the good news behind this is that they had a delivery in this afternoon.

Mulno said, "Me have truck loads of snow blowers, shovels and salt coming in... Definitely by tonight we should be back in stock ready to go."

If the snow made you in the mood to get some things situated for your car, Firestone was ready to take in your vehicle and roll it out in new tires. Snow tires were a hot commodity over the past few days and today was no exception.

Scott Austin, a tire salesman said that his sales have, "Increased, absolutely, (we've) been very, very, very busy."

Even though the price is greater for snow tires, that doesn't automatically mean that you shouldnâ??t consider them.

Austin says, " In upstate New York and all season tire will not perform as well as a snow tire, the best all season tire in the world isnâ??t going to give you the same traction that a true snow tire is going to give you."

Whether it's snow tires, or snow blowers, the important part about surviving the winter is making sure you're prepared.