Stores stock up and prepare to ship out food for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this Sunday


he Super Bowl is Sunday, in case you didn't already know. No matter which team you're rooting for, you will most likely be having a large amount of food during game day. That means a lot of pizza and even more wings for pizza places and grocery stores to make.

Karen Delaney is going to watch the game, but is unhappy that the Giants aren't in it again this year. "We're not going to have a big party, just going to watch the game, have some wings," said Karen.

Her son Philip is known as the wing man in their house. He wouldn't let anyone forget what type is his favorite. "It's a nickname my dad gave me, I like barbecue, honey barbecue. I'm big on those. I'm a barbecue man."

People like Philip are the reason that Original Italian Pizza is doing something they don't do all year before the Ravens and 49ers kick off.

Rosario Amato is the owner of OIP. "We're opening, we're open on Super Bowl Sunday. (It's) the only Sunday we're open for the year," said Amato. "We're starting to get a lot of orders today, tomorrow. It's better to place them ahead of time."

Ordering ahead of time is always a good idea. You can avoid waiting longer than you might have thought if you place it tomorrow.

John Dean manages a Price Chopper in Syracuse. "If you come in game day, it'll probably be about an hour or so wait, but we'll do it," says Dean.

Price Chopper does something which is a little unique around the Super Bowl. This is all in advance of the rush of customers that they see over the weekend.

"Whatever teams are in the super bowl, we'll do cakes up, chippers, cookies you name it, we'll decorate it with whatever teams are playing," said Dean. "(For) all the standard Super bowl items, it's about 10 times the normal movement."