Stray and starving dog named Champ continues to improve, surgery delayed

We have an update on the dog named Champ who was found badly injured, starving and wandering in Cortland County one week ago. Linds
ey Andersen from Country Acres Animal Shelter in Homer says they have delayed surgery that was scheduled for today to amputate Champ's injured right hind leg. Instead, the veterinarian will do x-rays of Champ's leg to get a better picture of the extent of the injury. The x-rays will be evaluated at Cornell University's Veterinary Hospital.

The two year old Rottweiler German Shepherd mix slowly continues to gain weight. He came into the shelter in an emaciated state. The wound on his leg is healing. Investigators say they are making progress in finding out where Champ lived and who is responsible for his condition. Donations are still welcome to help with his care. The soonest any surgery will take place for Champ is Friday.