Strikers on the picket lines in Scriba

Photo Credit: Photo: Chris McGrath

Update (7:15 p.m. Saturday):

Union workers on strike outside the Nine Mile Point nuclear plants tell CNY Central they're in it for the long haul, and will walk the picket line until they get, what they call, a fair deal.

Jill Lyon, a spokeswoman for Constellation Energy -- the company that owns the plants, told CNY Central's Chris McGrath that there have not been an talks between the company and union leader since the start of the strike. She said, at this point, there are no future discussions planned, but the company maintains the stance that it will bargain in good faith.

Lyon also confirmed that officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have increased staff members at the plant, but did not know how many. The NRC is stepping up its oversight of the facility because of Constellation's contingency plan following the strike, which has management working in place of union workers inside the plant. The NRC has stated that it sees no problem with that plan. Lyon said both plants will operate safely while the strike continues.

Original Story by Laura Hand:

At Nine Mile Point in Scriba, the people who normally oversee the nuclear plants are walking the picket lines and management is doing the work. Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers went out on strike at midnight, in a dispute over pension benefits for future retirees.

Jill Lyon, who speaks for Constellation Energy, says the picketing has been orderly and 'cordial.'The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is stepping up oversight of the two nuclear plants, especially over the next 48 hours.

There's no word, at this point, on whether contract talks are scheduled to resume. Read the previous story for more on the labor dispute.