â??Strong possibilityâ?? of prosecution in disappearance of Levon Wameling, DA says

Levon Wameling

There is a "strong possibility of a future prosecution arising out of the investigation" into the disappearance of 9-month-old Levon Wameling in Utica, says Oneida County District Attorney Scott D. McNamara.

Levon was first reported missing by his father, 27-year-old Jevon Wameling, in June, nearly two weeks after Wameling says the baby was taken off the front porch of his home on Jay Street.

Numerous searches over the past three months were unsuccessful, until Friday. State Police dive teams searching the Mohawk River found an infant's body in a container.

The body was

taken to the Onondaga County Medical Examiner for autopsy and identification. Results are expected to take up to two weeks.

No arrested have been made in the case.

McNamara said that due to the "strong possibility" of prosecution, his office "will not be offering public comment upon specific information, status of evidence or any other facts or circumstances as we continue to review and evaluate the Wameling case."

Jevon Wameling was arrested Thursday on a felony burglary charge.