Stubborn Spring slows swing into golf season

Golfers in Central New York have had a tough time getting into the swing of things this spring.

Both March and April ended up with below-average temperatures, and above-average precipitation. This has meant a slow start for courses like Liverpool Golf and Public Country Club (LGPCC).

Joe Borello, who was golfing at LPGCC Wednesday, explains. â??Like the driving range. We have to keep it closed because itâ??s too wet, guys canâ??t hit balls on the range because the ball picker wonâ??t pick them up. And then they go out there to cut the grass, like right now, guysâ?? out there cutting the grass, heâ??d cut the balls up.â??

By their very nature, golf courses are intricately tied to Mother Natureâ??s whim. The past to springs have been par for the course. However, sheâ??s served up more of a bogey, rather than a birdie, so far this spring.

Stacey Ajemian and Stephen Schmitt, who work at LGPCC, explain. â??Well, last year we were open almost the entire year. This year, we just canâ??t seem to open at all. Weâ??re a six month business, and basically, we only have five months this year, to make our year. Yeah, weâ??re definitely behind by about a month Itâ??s unusual for us. Because weâ??re pretty much known to be open all the time.â??

Stacey and Stephen tell me that while things are slow right now, they think the season is about to pick up pretty swiftly.

So being a casual golfer - or rather a hacker - myself, I had to know whether or not the slow start to the season has impacted peopleâ??s skills.

Joe Borello tells me â??Well, my game is terrible, so forget about the weather!â??

And thatâ??s just what many Central New Yorkers are hoping to do. Forget about the tough winter and early spring, and drive straight into summer.