Student campaign to stop cyber-bullying expands

Several months ago, we told you about local students who were launching a campaign to stop cyber-bullying. They put together a website called "Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope." Now, that campaign has expanded, and students say this is just the beginning.

Nick Longo, who is part of the campaign, says, since our last story, Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope, or STH Squared, has become a certified business. From this point, students are working to make it a non-profit organization and branch out to other schools.

"It was an idea, a concept, and now it has grown into something that I never expected," says Longo.

The teens have created a website where they have posted a video about what the campaign is all about. They also invite teens to share their stories about bullying and how they can help each other.

"We've excelled, and I think with new presentations and new fields opening up for's growing like crazy," says Michael McCartney, who helped start the website.

On STH Squared's Facebook page, the group is reminding members that tomorrow is the National Day of Peace. They are asking everyone to try to get through the day only saying positive things about each other.

The group is selling t-shirts and "survival bracelets" on their website to sell money. The money raised will go back into helping the campaign grow. The group says it plans to have a new t-shirt design out soon.

STH Squared is looking for people to share their stories about being bullied to make a documentary. They're also hoping the project will spread to other schools. They're asking anyone who wants to help to contact them through their website.